What Makes A Discovery Session So Incredibly Valuable?

As soon as students reach their mid-teenage years, they are bombarded with every nosy neighbour or relative’s favourite question: “What is your plan after high school?” 

I remember being annoyed with that question when I was a teenager as I had so many interests and I was unsure on which choice would be the most apt one for me moving forward. Therefore, I ended up taking 11 subjects for my SPM examination to provide the so-called safety net. But do students opting for the IGCSE route need to take that many subjects?

The answer to that question is a clear cut no. Simply because both exams have different prerequisites and even extent of usage as well. It would be great if students have a rough idea of what they’re planning to pursue in the future as this will definitely ease the process of choosing their IGCSE subjects. But fret not if you have not put in much thought to plans post IGCSE as this is when our Discovery Session comes in handy. 

The Discovery Session consists of a few parts beginning with an assessment that comprises academic tests for subjects of student’s choice followed by three psychometric assessments. Now you may wonder why we need the psychometric assessment? 

I’m telling you now that it’s a game changer! 

Imagine a student who shows high traits of dominance, extroverted and is also investigative in nature. How do you think this student will behave in class? And most importantly how can I, as an educator, work my way around this student to ensure that he/she gets the attention needed without hogging the limelight throughout the class so that all students get equal opportunities? Of course, what I’ve listed so far are benefits on my end as an educator but it also provides a guideline for students and parents too. 

For instance, if a student aspires to be an accountant you would expect to see steadiness, compliance plus definitely an investigative and realistic person in nature. When we notice that the personality and career choice match, it would mean that the student’s interests and traits are aligned. On the other hand, we also have students who are undecided on their career path but with the results of their psychometric assessments, we would be able to arrange a few subjects choices for them to choose from which may be a combination of sciences and humanities. 

After the assessments are completed, a one-on-one session with the teacher is arranged whereby the teacher gets to know the student better by taking interest in the student’s hobbies, goals and talents. Usually, students have a lot to tell when you listen to them without any judgement. Our teachers know how to work their magic in this session that can even go past an hour! 

The final stage of Discovery Session is a feedback session with our principal, Mr Yuven whereby a report will be presented based on the assessments and one-on-one session. Parents have an opportunity to discuss the details of this report in length. This session is done to bring awareness to parents on what can be done to strengthen their child’s abilities and also point out weaknesses that can be rectified. We believe that all parents have a right to learn about their child’s level of understanding and unleash talents that need to be harvested on time for maximum potential. 

Written by Pasxcel’s Master Teacher, Ms Devina. 

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