The PasXcel Difference

How are we different from your run-of-the-mill international school

Every child learns differently, so why should their education experience be standardised?

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Truly personalized education for every unique learning journey

At PasXcel, we acknowledge that every child learns differently. To understand how your
child learns best, we undergo a 3-step discovery process:

Online Assessment

Psychometric tests and academic subjects assessments to understand your child’s current knowledge level.


Personalized Plan

1-on-1 video conference session to connect personally with your child. Exploring their interests, ambitions, talents, and psychological needs.


Achieve Growth

A detailed session with parents to specifically go through the child’s report. Ask questions and understand how we can nurture your child to succeed.

Our key differentiator

At PasXcel, we believe that every child deserves a tailored learning approach that suits their
learning style and ability. Only then will they be able to unleash their full potential.

Here's why your child can enjoy a different learning experience with us:

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Development of Soft Skills

We ensure that your child develops positive character traits to succeed in the real world.

Your child will be able to take up subjects like Coding, World History, Financial Literacy, etc.

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Students' Wellness Prioritized

Our OmniCare model prioritizes students' wellbeing and mental health.

Ensuring your child's happiness and well-being throughout their educational journey with us.

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1-1 Coaching Sessions

At PasXcel, we ensure that no student is left behind.

Your child has access to 1-1 sessions with his/her teachers, dedicated to give personalized attention so that your child can better understand any syllabus they find difficult in class - at no additional cost.

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Safe and Healthy
Learning Environment

Your child will bloom and thrive in an environment filled with positivity, where they can express themselves freely and be vulnerable without feeling exposed.

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Regular Progress

You will receive regular feedback and updates on your child's development and progress in class.

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Student Pre-Enrolment
Selection Process

We do not accept every student. Each student is selected based on preliminary 1-to-1 interview session to determine if they are a right fit for our school.

Hear the difference from students like your child

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PasXcel's online classes are a more open environment where there's alot of room for discussions. The teachers encourage students to speak up and express themselves. I have grown a lot more confident since joining PasXcel.

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In my previous school, I was bullied often. I lost 7kg and told my mum I wanted to be homeschooled. In PasXcel, the classmates and I always interact with one another and the teachers are nice to me. I don't feel worried.

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The teachers at PasXcel really cares about their students. They will take extra time out of their hours to help us with our homework. They also don't just read from the textbook in class; they'll add in real-life stuff and involve everyone in class.

Here is what your child gains by joining PasXcel

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Empowered and passionate teachers that are 100% committed

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A personalised learning experience based on his/her learning style

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A safe and fully-inclusive environment with zero prejudice and judgment

At PasXcel, your child will receive comprehensive education covering beyond the standard IGCSE curriculum. Your child will experience a learning journey that combines theoretical knowledge, practical application, and soft skills.

Here is what your child gains by joining PasXcel

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Placement in
universities / colleges

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2x faster completion

of IGCSE syllabus

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Pass rate

We can make your child

love learning

Our teaching methodology is designed to make the IGCSE syllabus more engaging through endless triggers, stimulating your child’s sense of curiousity and discovery.

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Futureproofing your child

by developing lifelong skills

Is having a score of straight A*s and perfect attendance enough for a successful future?

We believe education is more than just school rankings and grades. Through our DiscoverGenius program, your child is equipped with practical skills like financial literacy, world history, and computer programming, ensuring he/she is prepared for an extraordinary future ahead.

Give your child a
to learn today!

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