Uncover Your Child's Inner Potential through Our Discovery Session

How Well Do You Understand Your Child’s Learning Ability?

Dive Deep Into Your Child’s Inner Universe And Explore Their Hidden Learning Capabilities To Master Any Curriculum Effortlessly

Rediscovering and reigniting their undivided passion to acquire knowledge today.

Have You Ever Felt Confused With Your Child’s Learning Ability? Struggling To See Consistent Growth In Them?

You may have tried literally EVERYTHING…

But again and again, your child returned with unsatisfactory results. What EXACTLY is the problem?

You’ve Been Lied About Education For Centuries!

For centuries, we’ve been told all our lives that there’s ONLY one universal method to acquire knowledge – that is to attend the traditional public schooling system, where teachers feed a class with the same content, regardless of their ability.

Here’s an image to sum it up


This ended up destroying dreams, shattering hearts, and extinguishing passion rooted within your child. Completely blocking their creativity and preventing individual growth with ONE universal learning system.

Those who were well-fitted for the traditional system can easily handle the bland system of “Memorization” and “Spoon-Feeding” to score an A*. What about others?

Do You Know Every Child Absorbs Knowledge Differently? Everyone Is A Genius In Our Eyes.

With Pasxcel’s Discovery Session, this is the ultimate goal – To unlock the genius inside your child. The session consists of 3 stages to identify your child’s strengths, interests, learning styles, personality, and psychology.

Being able to grasp your child’s learning capabilities, and having the ability to provide them with the best-fitted learning environment and relevant material is the GAMECHANGER.

After the Discovery Session at our IGCSE online schoolyou will receive a strategic gameplan specifically designed to accelerate your child’s learning journey. Taking them from zero to HERO, setting the solid foundation for them to chase after their dreams.

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How Does The Discovery Session Work?

Online Assessment

Psychometric test and 5 subjects assessment to understand your child’s current knowledge level.

Personalized Plan

1-on-1 video conference session to connect personally with your child. Exploring their interests, ambitions, talents, and psychological needs.

Achieve Growth

A detailed session with parents to specifically go through the child’s report. Ask questions and understand how we can nurture your child to succeed.

Here’s What You’ll Get From Pasxcel’s Discovery Session

The Fee For All The Assessments, Expert Teacher’s Recommendations & A Customized Gameplan That Will Transform Your Child’s Learning Experience…

It’s ONLY for RM 1500.

Schedule a session now & unravel your child’s inner universe of endless possibilities, so that you can support their dreams with confidence!

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