Unleashing your child's

full potential through the joy of learning

At PasXcel, our personalised IGCSE curriculum inspires lifelong learning in your child by fostering a genuine joy for acquiring knowledge.

Unleashing your child's

full potential through the joy of learning

At PasXcel, our personalised IGCSE curriculum inspires lifelong learning in your child by fostering a genuine joy for acquiring knowledge.

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Dear parents are you facing these

following problems:

Too many students in a class whereby your child lacks attention from the teacher

Your child is forced to go through a standard system that does not match learning style/ need/ strength/

Your child wasn't taught how to properly apply knowledge in exams or real life

One way learning. Teacher talks, your child only listens and cannot question them

Untrained, unqualified, inexperienced teachers affecting your child’s grades

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Hear from parents on their experience with PasXcel

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Mr Haroon

A Satisfied Parent of PasXcel Student

"PasXcel took care of my concerns about online schooling when I talked to Mr Yuven and through the Discovery session. All my questions and concerns were answered."

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Ms Jasmine

A Delighted PasXcel Parent

"Alya is alot happier than when she was in her old school. She's loving the topics and the learning experience. She's also more motivated to be involved in the classes. The teachers are also very caring about their students"

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Ms Pauline

Happy Parent of Two PasXcel Students

"Many of my questions are already answered on your website. It makes me feel that this school knows exactly what I'm looking for in homeschooling for my kids. The teachers at PasXcel are also easily accessible and they will provide me with feedback beyond what I know about my kids".

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Since every child learns differently

Why should their education be standardised?

This is why at PasXcel, our IGCSE-based curriculum is designed to meet the learning needs of your child. Whether he / she has a phobia of attending school, possesses learning disabilities, or are brilliant beyond their years, there is a place for them at PasXcel.

Who Is PasXcel For?

Bully Victims

There is no place for bullying at PasXcel. A pre-enrolment qualification process will be held to ensure that your child is surrounded by positivity.

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School Phobia

Does your child often find hundreds of excuses to avoid school? We make learning fun and engaging for your child through activities such as debates and public speaking – enabling your child to apply what they have learnt in a practical manner.

Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities should not be a deterrent for your child to succeed in their IGCSE education. We enable your child to learn at their own pace by creating personalised lessons based on your child’s learning style.

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Expatriate Families

Moving from one country to another and still needing to accustom to local customs can greatly affect your child’s academic progress. Our online learning programs ensure that your child will stay on track with their studies, no matter where you go.

Genius Children

Your brilliant child might find going through the long and repetitive public school syllabus boring and unchallenging. We are able to structure an education plan that fits your child’s advanced learning capacities.

Aspiring Athletes

Does your child have to skip classes often to compete in sports tournaments? Our online education classes enable your child to keep up with their studies, even on a hectic schedule.

We are proud to share some amazing stories with you


Hear from students like your child

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PasXcel student

It's a place I feel I can thrive because it teaches in a way that makes me happy and want to thrive in the subject matter.

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PasXcel student

In my previous school, I had to be independent and only rely on myself. But in PasXcel, I am still independent but the teachers are willing to do anything to help us thrive.

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PasXcel student

The teaching method in PasXcel is more fun and interactive. Teachers will ask questions about the topic taught and wait patiently for you to answer. And they'll not make you feel ashamed for answering wrongly.

Here's how we help your child to thrive:

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Engaging And Participative Lessons

Our teachers are trained not to spoon feed your child. In every class, your child is encouraged to think critically and creatively to solve problems, whilst applying what is taught in class.

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Comprehensive/Consistent Student Performance Tracking

At PasXcel, our Learning Management system monitors your child’s progress in real-time, providing valuable data for teachers to make informed decisions in supporting your child. From homework submissions to active class participation, we ensure nothing is overlooked to support your child’s academic journey.

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Safe And Supportive Learning Environment

We make sure that your child has the ability to express themselves freely. Your child has the ability to ask questions without the fear of being picked on or laughed at.

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Undivided Attention for Your Child

We keep our classes small and lean, only having about 5-8 students per class. This means that our teachers can spend more attention on your child, ensuring that your child has the guidance and support needed to excel in their studies.

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Stringent Selection Of Teachers

We only provide your child with the best teachers. Only 4% of applicants who apply to be our teachers are shortlisted to be a PasXcel educator.


Personalized IGCSE Curriculum

We customise our classes based on your child’s learning style and needs. This helps your child to understand their lessons better, enabling your child to unlock his / her full potential.

Our enrolment process

At PasXcel, we take our enrolment process seriously. To ensure that we have a safe and conducive learning environment for every student. Bullies, delinquents, and troublemakers have no place in a PasXcel classroom.


We undergo a qualification call with parents to address any enquiries or concerns, at the same time assessing if your child is a good fit for PasXcel


Your child will go through pre-selection classes to determine if your child meets our criteria


Once we have determined that your child is a right fit, we will enrol them and they will be able to choose their preferred programme and subjects.

Hear from our parents

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Mr Noel

Father of Genius Student

"PasXcel was the best choice. What attracted us to PasXcel was that we loved the alignment in terms of the principles and how we want our kids to learn."

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Mr Halliburton

Father of Dyslexic Child

"PasXcel gives off a sense of family; the teachers were able to touch base with the children in itself. My sons took their lessons more seriously and they approached their classes with more determination."

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Mr Tarmizi

Father of Confident Child

"Alayna has become outspoken and able to express herself well. Her grades has also improved a lot. She used to not be interested in her results but now she is proud of it, which means she is owning her effort."

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