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Our goal at Pasxcel is to make our experienced IGCSE tutors redundant for your child as fast as possible. Our tutoring method focuses on shaping the mindset of your child to become a lifelong learner who will learn to figure things out on their own. We are just the intermediate crutches before your child start soaring. We ensure they learn to become intellectually and emotionally independent.

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Our premium one to one online IGCSE tuition revolves around providing customized solution to your child’s challenges. Our professional IGCSE tutors don’t just teach, they analyze your child’s weaknesses and strengths individually and come up with a plan that allows your child to learn in a way that amplifies their strengths and negates their weakness. All lessons are backed with real life examples to ensure your child learns to apply knowledge in their daily life, develop critical thinking and cultivate better learning habits that stay with them throughout their life.

Improve Your Child’s Revision With Unlimited Replay Of Classes

Does your child find it difficult to recall things from his/her classes? Pasxcel’s online IGCSE tuition provides an enormous advantage to your child through video recording of each class he/she takes unlike traditional tuition. Your child can access recording of tuition classes anytime, anywhere for revision and as many times as he/she needs in order to process the information at his/her own pace. This also enables you to monitor tutor’s performance which builds better trust and relationship between teachers and parents.

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Learn When Your Child Is Most Alert

Pasxcel’s premium IGCSE tuition provides your child the flexibility to study when it is convenient for them and when they are most alert. Studies show that familiar surroundings and comfort can have a positive impact on performance. Flexible schedule results in a better learning experience because every student has a certain time of the day when they learn better. All you need to do is choose the best place and the most convenient time for your child to study.

Passionate Tutors For Your Child

Our professional IGCSE tutors aren’t just subject experts, they are also role models and mentors. All our experienced tutors have gone through a thorough screening process with mock tutoring sessions, intensive training, exams and background verification so that you don’t have to worry about the quality of your child’s IGCSE tutor. Their mind blowing tutoring techniques will surely boost your child’s self-esteem, motivation and confidence. 90% of our students and their parents would recommend us to their friends, checkout their testimonials below.

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Keeping You Informed Of Your Child’s Progress

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Pasxcel is that village for your child. We believe in teamwork. Our tutors will be your teammates and work hand in hand with you to ensure your child’s success. With Pasxcel’s premium IGCSE tuition, you will receive regular monthly reports about your child’s progress. Regular reports will help you know how your child is growing and performing academically and behaviorally. If something is wrong, you can rest assured that you will be alerted immediately.

Zero Commitment From Your End

You get 100% money back guarantee in case your child fails in an exam.

No deposits. No lock in fees. No registration fees. Cancel anytime.

With Pasxcel, you only pay for the hours your child is tutored which ensures that you only pay for what your child needs.

Oh, by the way all classes not yet taken are 100% refundable if you decide to cancel anytime for any reason whatsoever.

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What Others Say About Our IGCSE Tuition?

  • review rating 0  Excellent session. Teacher has command on her subject. We liked the way of her teaching. I would recommend for this tutorial sessions.

    thumb Fauzia Pesnani

    review rating 0  I know him since January, before he came, I hate accounting the most and I don't even understand what my previous teacher teached. When he came and teached me, I really can understand very well and I enjoyed his lesson. However, his teaching method is totally different from other teachers, it is very fun and won't feel bored during his lesson. If you really interested, you can take platinum class for trial.

    thumb 锎倪

    review rating 0  Teacher Yuven is a phenomenal teacher. He is willing to continuously teach you the subject you’re learning until you can finally understand. Overall, Id recommend attending his classes.

    thumb Desmond Chong
  • review rating 0  I learned Maths and Accounting from Teacher Yuven. His teaching methods are fast, fresh and clear which make the students love to study and also build up students confidence .I was failing my maths really badly before his classes. After three months learning from him, I finally scored 80 in my mid term.

    thumb Tiffany Tong

    review rating 0  Did my CAT classes with sir and I must say he never fails to motivate and ensure understanding of the most basic thing. Can’t thank him much for his honesty towards educating me. Cheers sir 🙂

    thumb Rachita Khanna

    review rating 0  Pasxcel immediatly inspired my son to welcome the latest and easiest way to thoroughly understand Chemistry from the international mentors.And their feedback filled him with responsible commitment for his studies. Once the world has become Global village, Education is the best investment. And I swear Pasxcel is going to lead the efucators. Bravo. Pasxcel.

    thumb Gul Rukh
  • review rating 0  I definitely would recommend. I had class with teacher devina she was one of the best teachers that I have learnt with. She always tries to teach difficult topics with simplest ways.

    thumb Ahmed Bashammakh

    review rating 0  I recently tried the trial class for English and it was very effective keep up the good work Sir Yuven

    thumb Bint e Nadeem

    review rating 0  I used to take accounting classes for my A Levels with him. I would say one of the best teacher that I have come across. His techniques really helped me to improve my knowledge and understanding of the subject. A very good motivator too!

    thumb Tanusha Muniandy
  • review rating 0  My sister and I liked the bio & chemistry trial class very much. We will be joining the Gold class. Waiting for the confirmation email. Can't wait!

    thumb Sa Ciey Rae Ka

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#1 Online IGCSE Tuition

Pasxcel is Malaysia’s leading IGCSE tuition provider that facilitates students to learn live online with Malaysia’s top quality IGCSE tutors. Our vision is to transform way of learning and teaching by making quality tutors available to students anywhere anytime. Our IGCSE tutors aren’t just subject experts, they are also role models and mentors. Young, bright and successful, they are masters of the curriculum and the psyche of today’s students. All our tutors are university graduate or above and have helped more than 3500 students Score A* in their subjects.

You will gain access to the very best tutors for IGCSE who are CIE certified and masters of the IGCSE curriculum. Your IGCSE online tuition will be conducted via our platform. Students and tutors work through problems together, in real time using the interactive whiteboard. Class notes, recorded lessons, diagrams, past year papers, marked worksheets are all uploaded into our Classroom app available anytime anywhere for free.

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