IGCSE Lower Secondary School Teachers

We have a huge mission of changing the education scene, and we are looking for IGCSE Secondary School Teachers to join us.

Why You Should Join Pasxcel

We hope to redefine teachers’ roles as educators. Teachers these days are often seen as delivery vehicles of textbooks and syllabuses more than professional educators meant to raise future leaders of the world.

Most teachers started with great hope and dedication. But they eventually become less passionate, less creative, and unable to pay enough care and attention to each student.

We found that this is due to years of exhaustion. Managements expect them to run the entire school all the while providing top-notch education and producing the best grades. 

They are constantly bombarded with administrative paperwork. Their hours are fully exhausted in order to get the most students for the least number of teachers, leaving them with little time and energy for creative pursuits and further skills enhancement.

If you agree that this is troubling for both teachers AND students, join us on our mission to provide better environment and opportunities for educators, while delivering great education to students.

How To Apply

  • Fill up the application form below. 
  • Candidates who fail to complete the application as instructed will not be considered for the next stage.
  • If your application is shortlisted, we will contact you for an initial interview via a phone/video call.
  • If you are shortlisted after the initial interview, we will arrange for a final interview session.
  • You will be asked to run a mock teaching session during the final interview.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Online teaching of at least 2 subjects in a class of 5 – 7 students according to the Cambridge IGCSE syllabus.
  • Develop and issue educational contents including notes, tests and assignments.
  • Deliver personalised lessons to fit students’ needs and abilities.
  • Assign and assess students’ coursework, assignments, projects and presentations.
  • Prepare periodic progress reports and conduct detailed feedback sessions with parents.
  • Conduct students’ pre-enrolment assessment and provide education consultation to parents during Discovery Session.
  • Observe and understand students’ behaviour and psyche.
  • Write, produce or record videos for lessons, students’ progress feedback and other related contents as required.
  • Work collaboratively with management and other teachers to plan student activities and projects.

Minimum Requirements

  • Bachelor of Science in specialty field, an Education Degree OR 2-years teaching experience.
  • Possess high English proficiency – written and spoken.
  • Able to teach at least 2 of the following IGCSE subjects: English, Science, Mathematics, and Malay. 
  • Candidates with working experiences in a classroom setting or related field will be prioritised.
  • Candidates under the age of 40 will be prioritised.

Additional/Bonus Skills

  • Familiar with the IGCSE syllabus, exam format, and marking scheme.
  • Great writing skills with a passion to voice their opinions on education. 
  • Teaching skills beyond IGCSE subjects i.e., Financial literacy, debates, forums, literature, arts etc.

Job Details

  • Job type: Full-time
  • Working hours: Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 7.00pm

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