Correct Revision Techniques Can Be A Total Game Changer In Achieving The Results Of Your Dreams

Practice makes perfect, right? Wrong.

Perfect practice makes practice perfect. But what is perfect practice? 

Perfect practice is a practice that is most natural and the easiest process for you. For example, flying comes naturally to birds, hunting comes naturally to cheetahs and swimming comes naturally to fishes. They do not have to “sit and study” about it or memorize formulas on it. It just happens. Naturally.

Just like that, there are also things that we as human beings are naturally good at. Some of us are natural artists, some are naturally good with numbers and some are naturally good orators.

Similarly, each one of us has a natural way of learning. Some learn via listening to instruction (auditory), some learn via doing it themselves (kinesthetic) and some learn best via seeing (visual). Though each of us has a predominant natural way of learning, most of the time we use a combination of methods to learn

The biggest misnomer about our education system is that because your child has a pair of eyes and ears just like your neighbours’ child, your child will learn exactly the same way as your neighbours. This is the farthest away from the truth. 

Of course, for learning to take place effectively, students need to be engaged and in a positive state of mind. But that is where the similarity stops

Each student learns differently and it is the responsibility of the educator to find out each child’s learning style in order to teach them correctly. And this is what we believe in and practice at our online igcse school.

For example, one of my students can’t learn without visual aid. He needs to “see” something on the board in order for him to be able to understand what I am teaching. I know this due to our Discovery Session and my close interactions with him in class. For someone like him, writing down notes is counterproductive, to say the least. No matter how many times he “sits down and studies”, he can’t seem to remember a thing. I once tried showing him the same exact notes in a mind map form and stopped screen sharing in less than 2 seconds. He could remember almost everything that he saw on screen. 

See, the difference?

What if I forced him to study his notes and subsequently label him slow, lazy or stupid just because he can’t recall a bunch of formulas that were taught to him in the least effective way possible for him?

His confidence will be crushed. He will start believing my words and eventually accept that he is indeed a slow learner. And this is exactly what happens to most children in international schools.

Teachers are overworked and underpaid. The teachers have to moonlight to make extra income. Leaving your child with none of the extra attention that a teacher should give in order to spot their learning style.

At Pasxcel, we spot your child’s learning style early on, (some as early as the Discovery Session) and rigorously teach your child to play according to their strength to achieve the results of their dreams. 

Written by Pasxcel’s Principal, Teacher Yuven.

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