Two-Way Communication Is The Way To Go.

As fast as how the changes around us are evolving, so are the teaching methods and learning processes that are rapidly progressing in the education world. A student’s learning continuity is not just confined between the teacher, the support materials and himself but one certainly values the inclusivity of giving constructive feedback to parents and students.  


Giving constructive feedback is indeed a vital part of strengthening the two-way communication pathway in addressing the ups and downs of the student’s achievement. It is absolutely inevitable to not include constructive feedback and ignore the mechanism of having to report the work in progress. It is agreed that feedbacks may seem rather hard to be given especially when it involves sharing the negative parts of what needs to be addressed, but this needs to be addressed! 


Here at Pasxcel, we believe every single achievement and every fallback should be looked into meticulously to make way for a better tomorrow and enhance the amazing. Timely reporting and sharing the outcomes puts ease into the minds of the students as well as the parents whereby there is a continuity in participating along with the involved student to help through the struggles of learning


What good does reporting once in a while does? Or to be given a progress certification during the annual Parent-Teacher meets or conferences? 


This is not how we at Pasxcel would like to take on. 


The ongoing learning process supported with constructive feedback is given the utmost priority in order to facilitate and promote positive learning. At times, it can seem like commenting might seem like threading on spiked grounds or perhaps walking on thin ice, but it is necessary. Many times giving constant feedback has enabled the learners to be better students and improvise themselves, rather than not knowing where they seem to have faltered or receiving praises when it is due fully theirs to receive. Similarly keeping the parents in check with the progress and updates of the students learning gives a much greater satisfaction that a continuous support system is being engaged to benefit the students’ progress. 


There is not an affirmative method that is one size fits all when it comes to giving and sharing feedback. All parties involved need to support each other. Nevertheless, in a fast-paced world and almost every single parent involved in the job field, some tend to not have time for contribution and even following up on the progress their children are making. Again, at Pasxcel, we water the imaginations of the creative minds and we guide them to follow through until the concept and knowledge are grasped. Understanding that some parents may be too busy to attend to such matters, we take pride in admitting that we value communication dearly. At times, responses may not be achieved as to be desirable but at the end of the day, parents do feel relieved that constant updates are always shared with them, not only waiting for the glorious moments of the PARENT-TEACHER-CONFERENCES. 


Take myself for an instance, before embarking on my journey as an educator with Pasxcel, I was a frustrated parent trying to connect with teachers and assist the learning of my child. When I chanced upon Pasxcel, their teaching methodology and apt observation techniques as well as timely reporting on the progress of my child were captivating and I was overwhelmed. Never in my 20 years experience as an educator, have I encountered such passionate educators who take pride in guiding and helping their students as well as ensuring that the connectivity between, teacher, student and parent is strengthened.  I take pride in saying that I am now able to give my views as a satisfied parent who values the various feedbacks given by each and every one of the educators here and now.


Being able to participate and be part of the teaching force here at Pasxcel, I get to also help and contribute my viewpoints to assist towards the amazing learning process. 


Written by Pasxcel’s Master Teacher, Ms Nazreen. 

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