How Being A 16 Year Old Intern At Pasxcel Has Changed My Outlook On Life

I had been one of Mr Yuven’s students since the very beginning, back when he tutored me at home. Looking back, it seems like ages ago. He led me to succeed in my IGCSE English Examination and I have seen his success with Pasxcel. Ever since I got the call from him, offering me an internship program one day, during this all-too-long stay at home period, my outlook on life has changed drastically. 

I was hired as an Assistant Hiring Manager. I process candidates’ job applications at Pasxcel, be it teachers, digital marketing specialists or graphic designers. It really surprised me how difficult it is to find quality candidates that apply for the positions. Only around 5% of applicants get shortlisted for a first interview! And that’s not even talking about those who get hired. I also perform additional tasks, like scouting schools that can partner up with Pasxcel, writing and even conducting interviews sometimes! 

As a 16-year-old, you don’t generally get offered a position like this, but I have learned so much about the world outside school. For example, I was wildly surprised at the sight of some of the job applications. Some of the applicants didn’t even bother to look at the job description before they applied. From all these experiences, I now know to thoroughly detail my resume with anything that may help me get a position I’m applying for. I also know not to put unrelated experiences when requesting a position at a company.

Another thing that I have learned during my internship is that before coming in for an interview, you have to be extremely prepared, know the questions generally asked during interviews and have great answers ready. In addition, you’ll need to do things that differentiate you from other general candidates so that you’ll have a higher chance of being hired. You must also conduct ample research on your interviewer and prepare questions for them as well because showing interest and knowledge will really influence their decision. 

Working as an intern at Pasxcel has developed my judgement and decision-making skills. It has become very easy for me to shortlist candidates and decide whether or not they are qualified. I think it is great that Mr Yuven allowed me to be a part of the team at such a young age because it has really given me a headstart in life. I know the do’s and don’ts of applying for a job, I have developed judgement and decision-making skills, in addition to improving my HR skills because of all the contacting and interviewing I have done. I am very grateful and I hope more youths are able to get this kind of exposure as it is highly beneficial.

I have done a Live Session to answer any questions parents, students or teachers might have about my experience here at Pasxcel. The session brought in over 1,000 viewers and together with Mr. Yuven. I answered many questions from concerned parents and excited students. Do check it out below.


Written By: Kamil Sirhan, Student of Pasxcel Academy

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