Double Check This List To Avoid Incompetent IGCSE Tutors From Hell

Tutors are important players in strengthening students’ knowledge after teachers. Most parents seek out for reliable tutors to help their children in their studies to have extra class after school. Hence, it is best to know which tutor is bad for the children by looking at this checklist of a bad tutor.

1. Textbook referring expert.

First things first, you definitely should not hire a tutor who does not have the expertise in the subject that the tutor is about to teach. The students still need input from the tutor, not just the teachers in school. If the tutor is hesitant with his/her own knowledge, how would he/she make sure that the students’ learning will be improved under his/her tutoring? So, do not take the risk to hire someone that does not know what he/she is doing.

2. Downright boring.

Imagine being a student who has to face boring teachers who only use textbooks in school and when you have to attend extra classes, the tutors are more boring than the teachers. If it were me, I prefer to study on my own rather than having to face another boring lesson that will drain my energy, mood and positivity. If the tutor does not apply any interesting teaching method and only uses traditional teaching methods, it is a sign that the tutor is not good for the students.

3. My way or the highway.

There are times when we want to do things that are out of what we ordinarily do. Students might want to do the learning the way they like it too. Good tutors can always adapt their teaching approach with the students’ needs and preferences. Some students like to have guidelines on how to complete their work while others like to figure out on their own. If the tutor is not flexible with that, the lesson will not be as effective as it should be.

4. Curriculum update! What’s that?

Curriculum changes all the time. Well, at least for certain countries. It is important for the tutors to always keep updated with whatever changes that have been issued by the Ministry of Education in order for them to prepare better for their students’ lessons. Moreover, a tutor who does not know what is going on in the educational system will affect the students’ academic progress especially for those who are sitting for important examinations like IGCSE.

5. Rote learning Jedi.

Do you have memories of teachers who keep on saying random stuff with no relevance whatsoever? You really want to avoid this kind of know-it-all tutor. This tutor will keep on talking and ‘teaching’ without even noticing that the student does not understand anything from the lesson. If the students do not understand the lesson from the tutor, then what is the purpose of hiring him/her? ‘Mr. Google’ and ‘Mrs. Youtube’ can take over the lesson too.

6. Show me the money, please.

Teaching is not for everyone. If the tutor does not enjoy teaching students, then the job is not for him/her. If the tutors themselves do not enjoy teaching, how are they supposed to ask students to enjoy their learning? When both parties do not have hearts for what they are doing, trust me, the teaching and learning session will not be effective. 

7. New number, who is this?

Having a responsive tutor is a boon to the student. In fact, tutors should be responsive in teaching. Tutors who do not answer questions, do not reply to messages/emails and tutors who do not give the students opportunity to ask questions and respond to their teaching are bad tutors. They will make the learning more difficult for the students. Avoid this kind of tutor at all costs.

It is really not an easy job to find good tutors for your children. This is because not everyone is good at teaching although they might have taught for years. 

A great tutor can transform your child’s life trajectory and set them up for success so choose wisely. 

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