5 Amazing Ways Your Conversations Could Turbocharge Your Teenagers’ Life

Over the years, we have had many parents coming up to us complaining about how their children are failing to live up to their expectations without even knowing what their children want to do in life. And even if they do know, some parents either ignore it completely while some never cared enough to understand their child’s point of view in many matters that may concern their future. 


You see, being a parent is a full-time job therefore you can’t expect your child to listen to you or communicate effectively with you when you have not done the same for them. Remember, they will always try to emulate your actions so it is necessary to allocate time for your child on a daily basis just to talk. You can speak about anything under the sun be it school-related matters or even current affairs globally.


So why is open communication so important between parents and their children?


Well, communication sessions at home will help both the parent and child to learn more about each other. As a parent, you may think that you already know everything about your child but there’s always something new as they age because changes are a part of growth. Perhaps, they may have made some new friends in class or they probably have picked up a new skill that they want to share and show off to you. Being open with one another and communicating frequently will help strengthen the bond between parents and children enabling them to have a great relationship in the long run.


By communicating with your children on a daily basis, they acquire a number of new skills too. They will learn how to elaborate their points of conversation in an orderly manner which will be very useful for presentations in a classroom setting or even at work. 


Besides that, they will also learn to come up with proper argumentative responses to continue the conversation rather than just putting an end to it just because they may feel they are on the losing end.


The numerous practice sessions with parents will also enable children to express their feelings. Emotions are an important part of growth as well. I still hear phrases like – “ Don’t cry like a girl, be a man” said to many young boys. This suppression of feelings will affect them and because they were not taught on how to handle them, there are high chances for them to unleash their frustration on people around them which is one of the contributing factors for abuse. 


Another point that will aid with communication is to speak about experiences. Parents and children are brought up in completely different eras. Of course there will be some similarities but the differences should not be forgotten as well. I think being honest about our background and the struggles we’ve been through will help our children to be more appreciative of what they have and perhaps may even give them ideas on how to contribute to society. 


The foundation of any healthy relationship is communication. Indirectly, it is a determining factor in fundamental values like sincerity, honesty and many more. Communication between parents and children is worthy of some time and thought as it bears a lot of consequences if neglected. These are some of the values we inculcate in our IGCSE Ascension program in our students. 


If you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends on social media. Do leave a comment down below on why you think open communication is important between parents and children. Let’s do our parts as parents to raise a generation of champions through effective communication today! 

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