Ms Diana

Mother to Dave Naidu

My story

I enrolled both my boys to this particular school, which had online classes during MCO. On the first day of Math class, Dave’s teacher told him that he was weak and there was no way he could catch up. The teacher suggested that he would teach Dave after school hours and I agreed. Less than 20 minutes after the first class had started, I saw Dave walking away from his laptop and I knew something was wrong. 

Dave told me that the teacher wrote two words on the board – skill and knowledge. His teacher called him stupid, good-for-nothing, useless and that he doesn’t have both. I was very sure that Dave could do it and he needed a different type of approach, like Pasxcel’s teaching method. Through the Discovery Session, Pasxcel introduced me to my son’s strengths, psychology, learning style and capabilities as well as the possibilities for Dave’s future.

The teachers here are really well-trained and they constantly motivate my son to be the best version of himself. Pasxcel is truly an online school that provides a fun learning environment for students who want to excel in their education journey.

Hear from other parents and students

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Mr Haroon

"PasXcel took care of my concerns about online schooling when I talked to Mr Yuven and through the Discovery session."All my questions and concerns were answered."

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Ms Jasmine

A delighted PasXcel Parent

"Alya is alot happier than when she was in her old school. She's loving the topics and the learning experience. She's also more motivated to be involved in the classes. The teachers are also very caring about their students"

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Ms Pauline

"Many of my questions are already answered on your website. It makes me feel that this school knows exactly what I'm looking for in homeschooling for my kids. The teachers at PasXcel are also easily accessible and they will provide me with feedback beyond what I know about my kids".

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