Our guarantee at Pasxcel is not  for your child to score A’s for all subjects taken. We believe your child does not need a teacher to help them gain information. They need an educator to help them integrate knowledge and a mentor to transform their perspective. Hence, we vouch for the delivery of a holistic and comprehensive learning experience to every student that decides to sail through their education journey with us.


What we can promise here at Pasxcel are :

  1. Your Child Will Complete IGCSE within 12 months – Our unique strength lies in our ability to help your child finish year 10 and year 11 syllabuses in 12 months. Yes, and they will be able to pass with flying colours.
  2. You Will See A Completely New Person In Your Child – Our signature adaptive teaching methodology that drives engagement and promotes self-learning has been proven to build self confidence in your child and their drive in learning.
  3. You Will Realise The Full Potential Of Your Child – We know you feel that there’s more to your child and we are the right partner to bring out that real potential. We will assure that they will grow academically, acquire life skills and achieve greater things.

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