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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We answer them here

Absolutely none.
Parents can opt to may monthly or termly. All payment must be done either on the 1st day of the month or 1st day of the term. Late payment will result in 1% interest charge daily.
There will be no refund of term fees already paid. Students have to give one term notice to stop school.
All payments are done via online banking. We will send you a link for you to proceed with payment.
You will need to sign up for our Discovery Session where your child will be assessed by our teachers in order to find out their strengths and weaknesses in a subject. A video feedback will be given to you where our teachers will provide you with a gameplan on how your child can achieve their IGCSE goals as well as recommendations on what and how many subjects to be taken. After that, you will need to make the full payment through our online platform and wait for our official letter stating that your child has successfully enrolled into Pasxcel Academy’s Fast Track Programme.
In order for online homeschooling to work, your child must have an active social life outside of Pasxcel. Though we have our book clubs, forums and debate society online, we are well aware that to form a well-rounded individual, a child needs physical activities. Most of our children’s parents share that they have already enrolled them in various activities outside schooling hours anyways hence Pasxcel becomes a great fit. Pasxcel takes care of the intellectual development of your child while you are free to shape their social development.
Your child will receive constant assignments and homework post-class to work on based on weaknesses that teachers have identified during class or from marking your child’s work. You will also receive a comprehensive report on your child’s progress at the end of each term. This, of course, excludes the Whatsapp messages you will receive from us if the student tries to play truant by not completing assigned work or does not cooperate in class. In short, you will be more than informed of your child’s progress.
Yes, we do! We also provide any recommendation letter necessary for students to get placement into the pre-university program of their choice. Most importantly, we always craft each student’s IGCSE program to suit their future aspirations such as which college/university they are aiming for post IGCSE.
Only 5% of applicants even reach the final stage of interview with us. Quality is an important part of Pasxcel’s promise to our students. All our teachers are certified by Cambridge Assessment International Education. They also possess at the very least a Bachelor’s Degree.
Unfortunately, no. If your child does not make it to class he/she need not fret as the live class sessions are recorded for your child to watch when they are able to. Plus, the lecture contents are available for them to view at any time. However, your child will need to supply the school with either a written letter from the parents or a doctor’s note so that we know why he/she is absent for the day.
No, the timetable will be set by the school once your child has successfully enrolled with us.
While we don’t recommend parents to be present in each online class, so as to not hinder student’s ability to learn and think independently, parents are of course welcome to be present in the class if necessary.
In theory, there is no upper limit to the number of subjects your child can take. However, we would provide guidance on the subjects we think your child should take based on our assessment (discovery session) and taking into account your child’s own interests as well as the number of subjects currently being offered by Pasxcel.
This will depend on the number of subjects your child takes. Generally there will be 15 classes or more in a week. However, do note that we will give ample time for preparation for these classes (watch videos/ do assessments) as well as for students to take part in activities that help integrate their knowledge (through forums, book club, group work etc). Students also will have time to approach teachers for one to one sessions to clear doubt during office hours. The system is designed in a comprehensive manner to build independent thinkers in our students.
We also teach financial literacy classes, world history, coding and even basics of agriculture. These subjects are meant to supplement their educational journey. Our hope is that our students will come out of our programme as more well rounded individuals that have been exposed to a wider variety of knowledge about the world. With these skills in hand, our students will be more prepared when they embark on the next stage of their lives.
Your child will be able to complete the syllabus much quicker than their peers who attend regular school. Our programme is designed to finish Year 10+11 syllabus in 1 year time. This means that they will have an advantage of 1 year of free time to figure out what they want to do in life. During that free time, they can even explore internship programmes (with us!) before proceeding to choose their dream course at their desired college/university.
Here in Pasxcel, our teaching method is to never spoon feed students with answers. Our adaptive teaching methodology works wonders as every Pasxcel’s students are trained to think critically and analytically in order to figure out the answers on their own. We often train them to be independent thinkers and lifelong learners of tomorrow.
There will be online demonstrations by the teacher. We will also carefully pack and mail out materials that are not easily obtained for certain experiments to the students for them to follow along with the demonstration. We always try to make classes as fun as possible for everyone!
Online classes will be conducted in groups of 5. The students will watch a video lecture prior to the class and will then proceed to do an assessment to gauge their understanding. The classes are there to discuss further on the topics with the teachers and are used to hash out any confusion or clear up any loose ends for the student. Once students enter the class, each of them will have the ability to interact with each other as well as with the teacher. Each student will also have access to various teaching tools such as screen share, document uploads and even access to our interactive whiteboard. All this allows students to have an engaging learning experience.
In our case, age really doesn’t matter. Intelligence, discipline and attitude does. However, we would prefer if your child has completed Year 7 or Year 8 syllabus at the very least. Hence, it is essential for your child to go through our discovery session in order for us to access your child’s suitability to our programme and if he or she is able to cope and excel in the subjects they’ll be taking with us.
Each class will be conducted in a group of 5 with one teacher.
Apart from your child’s attention, focus, and perhaps some basic stationeries, absolutely nothing! All learning materials and resources will be provided by Pasxcel.
Good internet connection, a desktop/laptop with webcam and a microphone. Mobile phones and tablets are not friendly when it comes to using our interactive whiteboard due to the screen size being too small
Not at the moment. Our programme is currently focused on upper secondary students.
We only offer a home-schooling programme for IGCSE for Upper Secondary students at the moment.


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