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Pasxcel’s IGCSE Ascension Program Prepares Your Child Beyond Classroom Achievements Without Paying Exorbitant Fees!

So, How Can Pasxcel Ensure
Success For Your Child?

Introducing Pasxcel’s PICAP Framework



Pre-recorded lessons and preview for students to grasp a better understanding of the topic before the actual mastery class.


Insight Analysis

Pre-assessment before stepping into class. Allowing teachers to provide a more personalized classroom based on the student’s understanding


Collaborative Discussion

Creating more engaging hands-on activities and collaborative sessions with students to imprint contrasting experiential learning & mastery.


Active Questioning

Powerful questions lead to powerful answers. Students will be actively questioned to inspire deeper intellectual thought that develops critical thinking skills and the ability to pursue their conclusion


Passion Exploration

Encouraging and giving students the freedom to explore & discover their deepest interest through enriching activities.

Why The PICAP Framework?

Our PICAP framework and teaching methodology in our online IGCSE school was a reversed-engineered framework from the famous Edgar Dale’s Cone Of Experience dedicated to bring more stimulation and colors to every student’s learning canvas.

“The Beauty Of Colors Are Only Admired By Those Who Have Seen Them”


With the modernly redefined learning framework in our online IGCSE school, your child will be exposed to endless triggers that would spark curiosity and reignite the learning fire hidden deep within their souls – that was previously crushed by unpassionate educators.

Being able to create an active learning environment and paint beautiful colors in the mind of students to prepare them for future endeavors, will award your child with a competitive edge over others with traditional learning methods.

Parents & Students Are Fascinated
With The Results & Growth!

Who Is This Programme Designed To Help?

Bully Victim

In Pasxcel, we’ve built a safe learning environment, so your child can confidently grow without worrying about the potential attack of a bully.

School Phobia

Does your child find hundreds of ways just to avoid school? We are here to create a customized plan to help your child master the syllabus in a comfortable environment. We also have resources section to encourage students to read more.

Learning Disabilities

We believe every child is capable of learning, but it differs from each individual. That’s why we cater a personalized learning journey based on your child’s learning ability.

Expatriate Families

If you’re always on the move, transferring your child from one school to another and halting their progress. Our online program ensures your child will stay on track, no matter where you go.

Genius Children

If we discover your child has the gift to absorb knowledge quicker than their age, we are going to restructure a plan that fits their learning desire.

Elite Athletes

Does your child have to always travel and compete in tournaments? With our modernized education system, they will not fall behind their studies, even with a hectic schedule.

What Are The IGCSE Subjects We’re Offering?

What Are The Subjects We’re Offering?

What Makes Pasxcel IGCSE Ascension
Program So Special?


School Starts Later

Studies found that students’ natural biology clock differs from adults. Allowing students to get more sleep helps in overall brain development, improved concentration and optimal performance in class.


Small Class Size

Max 5-7 students per class. Assuring every student gets precious attention from teachers.


Personalized Study Techniques

Helping students to identify their most optimized study and revision technique, such as visuals or audio - so they are able to learn in the most suitable way possible.


Two-Way Learning

Students have the opportunity to chat and voice out all their burning questions immediately in class.


Personal Assistance

Private 1-on-1 sessions dedicated to give personal attention and help your child better understand any syllabus they find difficult in class


consistent communication With Parents

Parents will constantly receive feedback & updates from teachers about the child’s individual development in class. No more being a clueless parent!


Academic Accountability & Study Techniques

Every student will be asked to accomplish weekly accountability tasks, such as goal setting and timetable creation to practice a champion’s mindset.


Efficient School Days

Scientifically designed timetables that allow students to perform at peak. Reducing time & energy drainage for students.


Limited Subject Selection

Students are limited to take a maximum of 6 IGCSE subjects. We focus on developing positive character traits that give students the biggest probability to succeed in the real world.


Counselling & Motivation

Our teachers will immediately reach out and lend a helping hand to any student when they notice something is amiss. Ensuring student’s overall happiness and wellbeing throughout the program.


Strict Teacher Selection

Our teachers are real professionals, such as doctors, accountants & dentists. Ensuring quality teachers, with a colorful background that inspires growth in students’ learning journey.


Celebrating Individuality

Skipping formalities, uniforms and teacher student relationships. We create a safe space and become the pillar of support for students to express themselves confidently.


Safe Learning Environment

Providing the safest environment for your child to be their purest self. Allowing them to express their thoughts and interest with support from our team.

You’re just ONE CLICK away from discovering the modernized form of personalized education meant to unlock your child’s capabilities of achieving both blissfulness and success in life.


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