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Ultimate igcse A* Guide

This video guide is your sure way to score A* in your IGCSE exams by studying only 30 minutes a day!

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Improve your IGCSE grades with minimal effort using our step by step guide!

Do you want to study less than 30 minutes a day and still score mind blowing results? Do you want to be the star student of your class? Do you want to impress your parents with amazing improvements in grades?

If you answered ‘HELL YES!’ to any of the above, then you are in for a shocking surprise. Since 2011, Pasxcel has maintained 100% pass rate and every 9 out of 10 Pasxcel students score an A*. With over a decade’s experience and hard work we have devised this guide to help you score amazing results with minimal effort.  Additionally you will get exclusive bonuses for immediate signup!


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You’ll learn an unheard of strategy called “What fuel is needed?” which has helped Pasxcel students master the entire syllabus in as fast as 90 days!

Here is what you will receive in your guide:


Video #1

How You Can Best Apply This Guide

You’ll learn how to instantly apply the techniques from this guide and exactly how this strategy is developed so you can use it in the best way.

Video #2

How You Can Guarantee Your A*

This strategy is called “Where do you want to go?” You will achieve whatever your goal is for your IGCSE exams in record time using this strategy.

Video #3

How You Can Win Over IGCSE Examiners

This secret strategy is called “What is the most suitable vehicle for you?” You will learn how you can totally crush IGCSE examiners in their own game .

Video #4

How You Can Answer Each Question Correctly

You’ll learn how to overcome each trick and trap set by the examiner. You never have to worry about answering any IGCSE question wrong again.

Video #5

How You Can Get Max Marks For Each Question

You’ll learn how to pick up maximum marks for question even the ones you are clueless about in this strategy called “How to beat the red light and not get a summon?”