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Top Ten Mistakes Made by IGCSE Students

We are sure you have already prepared a checklist of ‘Things to Do’ for your IGCSE preparation and exams. Now our expert IGCSE tutors are here to tell you what NOT to do in order to bag top scores in IGCSE.

There are some very obvious yet often ignored exam preparation habits that we consider too ‘uncool’ to practice and miss out on marks in the process.

In a few years, you will learn that the ‘coolest’ thing to do is watch out for yourself and do things that are good for you, no matter how silly or childish they seem to be.

The biggest mistakes that IGCSE students make in not employing various such safeguard techniques that boost performance and outcome.

We have prepared a list of such mistakes for you that you must not commit if you want to be amongst the IGCSE top scorers.

Yes, you are right you should bookmark this page for later. Now let us take a look at the top ten mistakes you must avoid as an IGCSE student. Don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel in order to receive video tutorials about acing your IGCSE exams.

1) Never Looking at the Syllabus:

The CAIE OR Cambridge Assessment International Education has provided detailed syllabi for all grades and subjects. These include elaborate notes on the aims and objectives of the course as well as the assessment criteria.

The syllabus does not only mention the topics you would be questioned on in the syllabus but also the marking scheme, evaluation, and analysis criteria as well as the do’s and don’ts.

Your exam preparations should begin with a thorough reading of the syllabus as it is the best guide after your Pasxcel tutors of course. Do not make the mistake of ignoring it.

2) Last Moment Studying:

No doubt there is lots of learning and remembering to do in exams but you cannot survive solely on cramming for IGCSE. You need to have an in-depth understanding of all subjects to perform well to score an A*.

However, if you do not study at all and leave the preparation for the last minute there are very high chances that you might flunk in the examinations. This is because an in-depth understanding of a concept takes time and practice.

While studying the last minute can be very harmful, you also do not have to be a couch potato and spend your life studying either. Studying every day for a few hours would work best for you. Constancy is the key.

3) Underestimating Revision:

A lot of students underestimate the importance of revising the answer sheets. A quick and thorough revision could be the difference between an A and B grade.

Therefore, you must leave sometime for revising your questions in examinations. While doing so you must be on the lookout for mistakes, grammatical errors, and also check if you have attempted all questions.

Revising your answers can revive them as well as your scores.

4) Not Practicing Writing:

Most of you restrict your preparation to understanding and memorizing but what you also need to practice is writing.

Practicing by writing your answers has many benefits:

  •  It makes your recall and memory stronger
  • It increases your writing speed
  • It is the best way to organize your thoughts and ideas
  • It helps you learn how to frame your answers

Since you never practice writing your answers, especially long answers, you end up exceeding the time limit and missing out on questions.

Therefore, you must not forget to practice writing.

5) Not Reading the Questions Properly:

One of the biggest regrets students have after having attempted their IGCSE papers is that they did not read their questions right and answered incorrectly despite knowing the right answers.

Make sure you do not be one of them and read your questions correctly; watch out for tricky words that are meant to confuse you and other directions.

You misread when you are in a hurry or you panic. So make sure that you train your mind to relax under stress, focus and read the questions correctly.

6) Panicking:

Examinations are one of the most common causes of stress and anxiety amongst students. While performance anxiety can be good in some instances, panicking excessively can also deteriorate your performance eventually reversing the scores.

Panic ruins your focus while preparing for exams as well as writing them. It not only makes you misread questions but also puts you off track and even makes you forget all that you had learned so painstakingly.

Therefore, learn to control your anxiety and even seek help from a therapist if you have to.

7) Not Looking at the Marks Scheme:

Yet another silly but common mistake students often make is not being aware of the question paper format and the marking scheme.

You must know the marks allotted to various questions and answer them accordingly. You must also be aware of the total time provided to you for answering the questions and devote time to each section as per that.

If you are aware of the question paper format and the marking scheme, it provides with a set frame you can write the answers in, therefore do study it properly.

8) Comparing your Performance to Others:

You are your person, and your journey and progress will never be the same as anyone else’s. Your struggles and weaknesses will be different than others. Do not feel bogged down if someone else performs better than you.

Also, do not get complacent if you are the best among all. The only person you should compare yourself to is yourself. You are your only competition and focus on improving your knowledge, skills, and performance.

9) Not Using Highlighters: 

According to the rules, you are allowed to use three different highlighters in IGCSE exams’ question papers. You must use them and make sure you miss out nothing in the questions and answer each and everything asked.

These highlighters can be helpful. For instance, in the English exam, you are asked to identify different points in extracts such as a letter to a friend, or newspaper articles. The highlighters will help attempt such questions.

10) Disturbed Sleep Pattern:

Having a good night’s sleep is not only important the night before the exam but every single night. Some students tend to study late into the night, which is fine if they catch up on their sleep during the day.

Sleep deprivation is harmful for several reasons:

  • It leads to memory loss
  • It hinders your concentration and focus
  • It also leads to obesity and stress

Therefore, you must sleep well and sleep in time for a healthy life and good scores.

We hope you have taken note of the mistakes often made by IGCSE students and will try your level best to avoid them.

Of course, we at Pasxcel are always there to guide you through every step of the way.

Never be scared of reaching out to us.

Best Wishes.

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