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The Importance Of A Tutor’s Feedback

Don’t you despise your IGCSE tutors sometimes? Don’t you hate it when IGCSE tutors give you homework or point out your mistakes? Don’t you wish you never have to meet them again?

You are not alone!

All of us have felt that way at one point or the other. Even your IGCSE tutors dreaded their tutors at some point in life.

However, things that are good for you may not always make you happy. For instance, green vegetables, exercise, and tutors.

You might not like them but you cannot deny that they are good for you.

Still not convinced about the importance of IGCSE tutors and their feedback?

Please continue reading and you will change your mind.

1. Tutors’ Feedback Improves Your Performance:

The cycle of communication is incomplete without feedback. A tutor’s feedback is more important since the tutor has taught you, assessed you and analyzed your performance.

Tutors know your strengths and weaknesses; therefore, they can help you to strengthen the weaknesses and make the most of your strengths.

2. Tutors Can Look At The Bigger Picture:

A tutor can look at your performance from a distance and analyze your shortcomings objectively which you are unable to do.

We tend to run away from our weaknesses and live in denial because these weaknesses disappoint us. These can impede your performance in IGCSE exams.

A tutor pushes you out of denial and makes you face your weaknesses. Once you work on them your IGCSE score automatically goes up.

3. Tutors Have A Treasure Chest Of Experience:

A tutor’s experience with teaching and helping other students puts him/her in a position to guide you better. They have taught several batches of students like you and they have been through the syllabus multiple times; they are experts in their subjects.

IGCSE exams need knowledge as well as strategic techniques. Tutors with their experience and expertise can provide you with both.

4. Tutors’ Feedback Helps You Build A Suitable Study Strategy:

Every student has their strengths and weaknesses and needs to devise study strategies accordingly. The best way to do that is to take into consideration your tutor’s feedback.

You can focus more on the areas that your tutor has asked you to and make the best possible usage of your strengths as outlined by the tutors.

5. Tutors’ Feedback Is The Best Way Of Assessing Your Progress:

Studying blindly without assessing and reassessing your progress is a wastage of time, energy and hard work. It is very crucial to test your progress to know what points you lack and in which direction to head.

A tutor’s feedback throws light on where you stand and how far you have to go at various stages of your term and preparation.

6. Tutor’s Feedback Can Make For An Excellent Revision Guide:

We cannot stress enough on the importance of revision in order to perform well in IGCSE exams. A thorough revision improves your chances of performing better.

Looking at your tutor’s feedback while revising can benefit you tremendously. It will help you to recapitulate your mistakes and also the tutor’s suggestions on how to correct them so that you don’t repeat them in the final exams.

7. Tutors’ Feedback Helps The Tutor Redirect His/Her Teaching As Per Your Requirements:

Once a tutor assesses your performance and reverts with feedback it provides direction to him/her as well.

A tutor mediates on your performance and based on your feedback redirects his/her teaching strategy. They adapt to your requirements, hence assisting your preparation for IGCSE finals.

8. Tutors’ Feedback Works As Necessary De-conditioning:

An important part of preparing for any exam is de-conditioning your behavioural patterns that can derail your preparation and performance.

A tutors’ feedback can prove to be exactly that. It can provide confidence to the underconfident students and keep a check on overconfident students.

9. Tutors’ Feedback Teaches Students To Accept Constructive Criticism:

One of the most difficult things to do is to accept one’s shortcomings wholeheartedly. If you want to be successful in life then you must learn to open yourself to criticism.

Tutors’ feedback not only improves your performance in exams but also teaches you to accept your mistakes and weaknesses early on in life.

Hence a tutor’s feedback teaches you very important life skills along with preparing you for IGCSE. Therefore, if you want to improve your performance in IGCSE exams and grow in life then you must pay attention to your tutors’ feedback.

It is a source of knowledge not only of the IGCSE subjects but of your abilities as well. Unfortunately, a tutor’s precious feedback is often ignored and underestimated.

It pushes you to work harder and rise out of complacency. If you want to be the best of the best you must take tutors’ feedback seriously.

In fact, keep a record of all the feedback and follow it up. Your tutors at Pasxcel would be more than happy to help. 

Rise & Shine!

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