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Pasxcel’s IGCSE
Fast Track Programme

Online homeschooling programme helping upper secondary school children to complete their Year 10 & 11 IGCSE syllabuses within 12 months

12 Months

Outside Syllabus



Complete IGCSE In 12 Months

Pasxcel Academy is an online learning institution providing IGCSE education to upper secondary school students. Our uniqueness lies in our Fast-Track Programme where our students are able to complete Year 10 and Year 11 syllabuses within 12 months.

This rather “unusual” timeline is the results of years of mastering our craft. Our delivery and mastery of syllabus have been improvised to the most efficient state and this has enabled our students to complete the syllabus months ahead of their peers and pass IGCSE with exceptional results.


A Programme Focused On Overall Development Of Your Child

Complete Syllabus In 12 Months

Your child will be able to complete the syllabus much quicker than if they attend regular school. This means that they will have more time to figure out what they want to do in life and while having that spare time, they can even explore internship programmes before proceeding to choose their dream course at their desired college/university.

Heavy Emphasis On Current Issues

During lessons, we focus more on current issues and implementation of knowledge instead of just theoretic learning straight out of the textbook.

Cultivating Self Independence

We aim to graduate students who are more than just straight A's on paper. Instead, we make students fall in love with the idea of learning which will make them independent thinkers and lifelong learners of tomorrow.

Pasxcel Fellowship Programme

Prepare your child for what comes after their IGCSE studies. Through Pasxcel Fellowship Programme, the student will be exposed to a real working environment where they will be able to experience what it's like working at a company.

Who Is This Programme For?

How Classes Are Conducted At Pasxcel

Students will have access to pre-recorded lectures and they will need to watch them before each class. There will also be an assessment right after they complete the video to gauge their understanding of the topic. Following this, they will attend a discussion class with the respective teachers to iron out any questions and to further explain the topics.

Once students enter the class, each of them will have the ability to interact with each other, as well as, with the teacher. Every student will also have access to various teaching tools such as screen share, document uploads and even access to our interactive whiteboard. All this allows students to have an engaging learning experience. There will also be projects and assignments for the students; some of which are group work while some are individual assignments to be completed within a given amount of time.


Academic Subjects Offered


Holistic Programmes For Your Child



Subjects beyond IGCSE syllabus that builds important life skills

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Private sessions dedicated
for your child to get personal
attention from our teachers

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Expose your child to real working environment
with partnering companies 

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Share stories

PASXCEL Book CLub Programme

Monthly sharing sessions with fellow students on books

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Interactive discussion about latest happenings globally

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Develop skills of reasoned and well thought out arguments

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Get Started

How To Gain Admission Into Our Fast Track Programme

Step 1: Sign Up For Discovery Session

This is where we assess whether your child meets the learning objectives set by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)

Step 2: Receive Feedback & Offer Letter

Receive a video feedback highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your child as well as a guide on how to proceed to join our Fast Track programme.

Step 3: Get Ready For Pasxcel Experience

It is advised that students have a decent internet connection, a good webcam and a laptop/computer to proceed with online classes. Happy Learning!


Accreditations & Memberships

Pasxcel comprehensive subjects

We at Pasxcel believe that education is more than just about memorising facts and formulas. Education is an important component in our growth as a person. We aim to impart important life lessons to all our students and instill in them the love of learning. Learning is a lifelong journey, one that we embark on for the rest of our lives and does not end when we finish our formal education.

With that in mind, our programme goes beyond the usual IGSCE syllabus and we offer our students a wide range of comprehensive subjects that will offer them a broader view of the world. These comprehensive subjects are meant to teach them important life skills as well give them an appreciation of the cultural side of human endeavours.

Our students will be allowed to take up to two comprehensive subjects per term. These subjects are meant to supplement their educational journey. Our hope is that our students will come out of our programme as more well rounded individuals that have been exposed to a wider variety of knowledge about the world. With these skills in hand, our students will be more prepared when they embark on the next stage of their lives.

Here are some of the subjects we offer :

World History

The course covers an introductory view of world history which would include a survey and exploration of some important ancient civilisations as well as a brief look at modern history. The aim is to offer the students an appreciation of history as well as an understanding of the contributions that some of these civilisations have given the modern world.

Financial Literacy

We aim to ensure each Pasxcel graduate is able to charter the waters of the financial world as a young adult. This course will introduce different asset classes that they can invest in. It will teach them about how to invest in the share market, real estate as well as tax planning. It will also cover the classics such as financial planning and knowing the difference between what is an asset and a liability.


The course covers basic to intermediate level programming, specifically in Python. In this current age, programming is a skill as important as reading and writing, and we believe that our students should be given the opportunity to learn this essential skill. The course is designed via a series of programming projects that leads up to the students writing a useful working program at the end of the course.

Basics of agriculture

We aim to furnish our students with the necessary skills to grow their own food. We believe that such an essential skill should always be part of the curriculum. The course would introduce them to the basics of growing food. This includes lessons on nutrients, pest control and diseases of the crops. The lesson has a theory component as well as a practical component, where the student will be growing certain crops in their own homes.

* There will be more subjects added to this list each term.

1-on-1 tutorial session

We understand that sometimes, your child needs extra attention when it comes to understanding the syllabus. Therefore, we have allocated time slots where teachers will be available to do coaching one to one basis for students who needs extra help.

Pasxcel fellowship programme

With Pasxcel’s fast track programme, your child will be able to cover and excel in the full IGCSE syllabus within a year. This allows them to have more time before jumping into the next phase of life. We understand the concern that parents may have with their child finishing school early. We here at Pasxcel are equally concerned but we realise that this is an opportunity for your child to explore his interests and passions. We’ve heard repeatedly that children are clueless about what to pursue after high school. This is mainly because they are not given the opportunity to get their hands dirty by exploring the options available to them.

To solve this problem, we have established the Pasxcel Fellowship Programme with the aim to prepare the student for what comes after their IGCSE studies. Through the programme the student will be exposed to real working environments where they will be able to experience what it’s like working at a company.

The Fellowship Programme is catered to allow your child to explore a wide range of industries and fields through a Placement Programme. Your child will be given the opportunity to learn about the different career paths available to them as well as gain valuable skills through their engagement within the industry.

Of course we understand that for some of our students, they have already decided on what their career paths will be and with that in mind the Fellowship Programme also includes a Social Activism Track. Your child will be involved in activities and groups that deal with social activism giving them an opportunity to develop a strong sense of social awareness and responsibility. They will participate in charity and volunteering organisations where they can experience first hand the joy of giving back to the community.

PASXCEL Book Club Programme

Students are assigned a book to read on a monthly basis and they are required to share what they have learnt with their peers. They are then able to formulate opinions and discuss stories from a wide array of genres. This will also give a chance to the student to discover the type of books that will interest them the most.

Weekly Forums Session

Both students and the teacher will discuss current issues and latest happenings around the world. This is to equip students with the knowledge to stay up to date with what is going on around them as we realised many kids these days are not fairly exposed to news content. This sharing session will facilitate students to exchange learning experiences as well as develop empathy regarding topics that are being discussed.

PASXCEL Debate Programme

Our students will be given topics to research on and they will need to come up with argumentative points to state their claim. Debating helps students to see the power of deploying rational, seasoned arguments and compelling evidence in action. In short, they will be able to improve their research skills, critical-thinking skills as well as increase their confidence level to speak up and present. They will develop all the soft skills necessary to give them a competitive advantage over their peers