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Our Promise

The promise that we hold true to all parents at Pasxcel

Brand promise

Pasxcel Guarantee

We believe your child does not need a teacher to help them gain information. They need an educator to help them
integrate knowledge and a mentor to transform their perspective. Hence, we vouch for the delivery of a holistic and comprehensive learning experience to every student that decides to sail through their education journey with us.


Your Child Will Complete IGCSE within 12 months

Our unique strength lies in our ability to help your child finish year 10 and year 11 syllabuses in 12 months. Yes, and they will be able to pass with flying colours.


You Will See A Completely New Person In Your Child

Our signature adaptive teaching methodology that drives engagement and promotes self-learning has been proven to build self confidence in your child and their drive in learning


You Will Realise The Full Potential Of Your Child

We know you feel that there’s more to your child and we are the right partner to bring out that real potential. We will assure that they will grow academically, acquire life skills and achieve greater things

What your child will become

DNA Of A Pasxcel Graduate

At Pasxcel, we are confident that your child will possess the below qualities at the end of our Fast Track Programme:-


Independent Thinker

Pasxcel’s students are trained to become independent thinkers as we believe this is the catalyst to long term learning


Curious Learner

A curious learner is the trait of a high performing student. Our vetted delivery ensures that your child enjoys learning


Adaptable Individual

We make sure that we equipped your child with resourceful skills to ensure that they are adaptable to the ever-changing landscape


Global Citizen

On a weekly basis, we talk about what is happening around the globe and incorporate that in our learning


Cheerful Companion

Our focus is also to instil positivity in your children so they can go out and be a positive force in the environment around them


Highly Driven

Our teaching methodology ensures that your child becomes a highly driven individual who is motivated to achieve their goals


Community Centric​

Aside from focusing on IGCSE academic excellence, Pasxcel syllabus is also heavily emphasized on creating a close bond among our students

Renaissance Individual​

We make sure that this achievement oriented individualism is instilled in your child via our teaching


Accreditations & Memberships