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Customized Online IGCSE Homeschooling Program That Helps Your Child Gain Admission To Their Dream Course

Get EVERYTHING your child needs to secure the perfect IGCSE results on their own terms.

Learn At Your Own Pace Online IGCSE Homeschooling Program

Your child’s homeschooling program will be tailor made to your child’s learning ability. Brilliant students will be able to finish Year 10 & 11 of IGCSE within 6 months or less with perfect results.

Your child  will be correctly coached and motivated if he/she has any learning disabilities. Their disability will not hinder their IGCSE success. Pasxcel believes that every child should learn at their own pace and excel on their own terms.

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Why Does This Online IGCSE Homeschooling Produce Better Results For Your Child Than A Traditional International School?

Your child will get a condensed version of the syllabus designed by Pasxcel’s IGCSE experts who are masters of Cambridge IGCSE Curriculum.
Your child’s lessons will be 100% customized to their needs which means they will get more coaching on topics they are weak in and less in topics they are good at.
Your child’s participation is paramount. In Pasxcel’s Online IGCSE homeschooling course in Malaysia, your child’s classes will be highly interactive to drive explosive results.
You will have classes when you learn optimally. That means no 8 am classes if you are a night owl.
Your child’s recall of every lesson will be aided by video recording of each class your child attends. Your child can replay lessons on demand!

What Will Your Child Receive From Pasxcel’s Online IGCSE Homeschooling Course?

Online classes that will be conducted on our e-learning platform.
Recording of all your child’s classes.
Tailor made exercises and practise questions.
Customized learning material such as notes and mind maps.
Post class support from your child’s dedicated tutors.
Detailed monthly report on your child’s progress.
One to one mindset coaching.
One to one personalized goal setting & tracking.
One to one career pathway consultation.
One to one boarding school interview preparation.
One to one university application guidance.
VIP Access to Pasxcel’s Book Club.
VIP Access to Pasxcel’s Debate + Forums.
VIP Access to Pasxcel Student Community..

Will This IGCSE Homeschooling Course Work For Your Child?

This online homeschooling course is for you IF:

You want to get dedicated subject matter experts to provide your child with first class coaching.
You want guaranteed results with teachers who are masters of Cambridge IGCSE syllabus.
Your child is a genius. There is no reason to make him/her stay longer in school.
Your child is a slow learner and wants to finish IGCSE at their pace.
You find international schools fees don’t match up to what they offer in return.
Your child is reluctant to go to school due to bullying.
Your child failed their IGCSE and needs all the support to score amazing results now.
You are always on the move and need a school & community that “moves with you.


You want to save more than 50% of the exorbitant international school tuition fees.


You want your child to have more time to pursue their other passions such as practice for sport tournaments and etc.


You do not want your child to spend countless hours and days in school.


How Much Will Your Investment Be?

Here is a comparison table between a few international schools in the Klang Valley.

Fee StructureInternational School Of KLTaylor's Int School KLPasxcel AcademySt John Int School KL
Non Tuition Fees
Registration Fee (Non Refundable)RM 41610RM 5000RM 1000RM 2000
Family Registration FeeRM 27780NA NANA
Application FeeRM 1210RM 1000RM 750RM 400
Security Deposit (Refundable)NARM 30460RM 16000RM 5000
Technology Fee (Per Annum)NARM 3450NANA
Tuition Fees
Total Tuition Fees ( Year 10 +11) RM 213360RM 91380RM 48000RM 42800
Total Investment RM 283960RM 161750RM 49750RM 45200
Fee StructureInternational School Of KL
Non Tuition Fees
Registration Fee (Non Refundable)RM 41610
Family Registration FeeRM 27780
Application FeeRM 1210
Security Deposit (Refundable)NA
Technology Fee (Per Annum)NA
Tuition Fees
Total Tuition Fees ( Year 10 +11)RM 213360
Total InvestmentRM 283960
Fee StructureTaylor's Int School KL
Non Tuition Fees
Registration Fee (Non Refundable)RM 5000
Family Registration FeeNA
Application FeeRM 1000
Security Deposit (Refundable)RM 30460
Technology Fee (Per Annum)RM 3450
Tuition Fees
Total Tuition Fees ( Year 10 +11)RM 91380
Total InvestmentRM 161750
Fee StructurePasxcel
Non Tuition Fees
Registration Fee (Non Refundable)RM 1000
Family Registration FeeNA
Application FeeRM 750
Security Deposit (Refundable)RM 16000
Technology Fee (Per Annum)NA
Tuition Fees
Total Tuition Fees ( Year 10 +11)RM 48000
Total InvestmentRM 49750
Fee StructureSt John Int School KL
Non Tuition Fees
Registration Fee (Non Refundable)RM 2000
Family Registration FeeNA
Application FeeRM 400
Security Deposit (Refundable)RM 5000
Technology Fee (Per Annum)NA
Tuition Fees
Total Tuition Fees ( Year 10 +11)RM 42800
Total InvestmentRM 45200

How Can You Join The Waiting List?

  • At Pasxcel, just like you we are a big fan of family and community. Hence, we are selective of the students that we enrol into our program.

  • Being a boutique institution, we only accept students for whom we are a great fit.

  • We only have two intakes each year and the selection process is stringent. To apply for the upcoming June 2020 intake, kindly proceed to fill up the form and make payment here to join the waiting list.

  • Our admission officer will be in touch with you via email to collect the necessary details to arrange for your discovery sessions. After which you will be informed of your enrollment status.

  • If you would like further clarification/ apply for a scholarship/ request for a custom made fast track program, you could email us here.

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