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Book Club The Kite Runner

Pasxcel went into “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” mode this week! Students participated in a fun, engaging yet informative Trivia about the 20th Century. The Trivia tackled questions from a historical perspective, highlighting all major events that took place in the 1900s.

Students were very excited to answer all the various questions from that era. They prepared themselves by watching videos of real footage from the decade and researching events that are considered to be ranked as the most important within this timeframe.

They actually displayed to be quite knowledgeable! Although it seems like these events are light-years away from the world they live in today, our students were able to answer most of the questions correctly. Some examples of the historical incidents they tackled were World War I, the Polio Vaccine, the “Iron Lady”, the inauguration of the United Nations and the assassination of J.F.Kennedy.

After each question, teachers and students would thoroughly discuss the question and all the historical facts involved. These conversations were very detailed that at a point students exchanged information about the idea of time travel from the perspective of Physics in relation to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity with very own Teacher Rasyad.

It is such a fulfilling feeling to hear Darshan- one of Pasxcel’s students- say, “I learned new information, like what I heard about Max Planck and Quantum Physics…I learned something new and I enjoy History!” Not only that but Malak also said, “This is very cool knowledge! It is very fun and entertaining!.” 

Trivias are always fun for everyone and education through entertainment or enjoyment is something we believe in. The knowledge they learned today is knowledge gained and not just learned. Students will be more likely to remember and retain all the topics covered in the Trivia rather than any information in abstract traditional coursebooks. Our students definitely keep us moving forward to create and innovate education!

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