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About Pasxcel

Pasxcel is Malaysia’s #1 IGCSE online homeschool and tuition provider. Founded in 2011, Our incredible online IGCSE tuition and homeschool is accessible 24/7 to ace IGCSE curriculum using our delicate virtual platform. our CIE certified IGCSE tutors have helped countless number of IGCSE students score an A* in their IGCSE subjects from the comfort of their homes through one on one classes.

Trust Worthy

Most trusted and CIE certified IGCSE tutors who provide 100% pass guarantee


Expert IGCSE tutors with decades of experience in teaching Cambridge IGCSE curriculum


Our professional IGCSE tutors have helped more than 3600 students score an A*

Who We Are

We Are Certified Tutoring Experts

Pasxcel’s CIE certified IGCSE tutors help students improve their grades and confidence through guaranteed teaching techniques. All our tutors have graduated from elite universities throughout the world. All tutors have at least a decade of experience in tutoring. However, the most important qualification is that they have produced results for students time and time again. Only 1 in 12 applicants are selected to become our tutors.

Our Story

Pasxcel’s phenomenal online IGCSE tuition has helped many students and parents overcome the obstacles they faced in getting the best tutor for their IGCSE curriculum. We have been able to help students score an A* about whom their school management said are not worthy of extended IGCSE version. Education experts at Pasxcel keep updating the teaching methods to provide the best experience to students by considering the obstacles that students face during traditional tuition. With the right techniques, 

online tuition can help you save time, provide a safe environment and be very effective. Our strategies are consistently reviewed and adjusted to guarantee we stay relevant and help our understudies succeed. With a solid establishment you can anticipate incredible outcomes. On the off chance that you are searching for an organization that has great enthusiasm for what they do and are reliable with contemporary teaching techniques with an astounding reputation then Pasxcel is the place to be at.

Years in the Business

From the past 10 years we are helping students score an A* 

Happy Clients

More than 4000 students and parents are 100% satisfied

Expert Tutors

More than 75 IGCSE curriculum experts.