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5 Tips On How To Ace In IGCSE Exams

IGCSE is difficult but clearing them would be an achievement which will surely pay you off in life. Who said achievements are easy? They never are. Cracking IGCSE exams with a good score isn’t easy hence we are here to help you do exactly that. Today we are going to share with you some tips that are not only easy to put into practice but are also sure to improve your performance.

The syllabus is your Bible. No matter what subjects you have chosen amongst the plethora of options available for IGCSE, the syllabus of each option should be your bible and guiding light. CAIE has provided detailed guidelines, instructions, suggestions, marks distribution, do’s and don’ts in the elaborately designed syllabi. The syllabus should be the starting point for all subjects. Reading it thoroughly will give you clarity, confidence, and will also help you devise a strategy for studying.

Have proper planning. If you work hard but do not frame your energies in a set plan then most of your hard work will go waste. Unsystematic and unfocused studying will yield only half the results. Therefore, you must always plan, strategize and then move forward. Plan your study for the day, coming week and even the entire term. The topics that have more marks or you find yourself struggling with should be given priority in your study plans.

Revise every single day. For being a top scorer in IGCSE, you need to be persistent and revise frequently, and for all of those, you must study every day. It is not as bad as it sounds; it will ensure that you do not take a longer break than necessary. Even if you are busy with some social commitments and are unable to stick to your everyday study plan, make sure that you take out some time and study. Even if it is for just half an hour, do make a point to sit and revise in order to maintain your flow. You can also try pasting formulas, tables, graphs or mind maps related to your subjects on your bedroom wall or in your study area. This will help you in reviewing them regularly and by the time your exams come, everything will be on your fingertips.

Make your own notes. We have already discussed the importance of periodically reviewing and revising the syllabus. The best way to do that is revising from self-made and hand-made notes. You can start making notes of what you study in class every day. Writing things down will naturally make you remember and recall better. You will notice the difference in your performance when you start writing your own notes and studying from them.

Choose the right tutors. Last but not least, for some who are particularly weak in a subject, it is important you seek help from a well-trained tutor. Here at Pasxcel, our tutors focus on application of knowledge more than anything else which means integrating the topics in the textbook into real life so that you can have a better understanding of what you are learning in class. Our tutoring method mainly focuses on shaping your mindset to become a lifelong learner who will learn to figure things out on your own instead of spoon-feeding you answers all the time.

We are sure you will agree that the mentioned tips for scoring well are quite easy and can be put into practice by anyone at all. What is difficult is to implement them consistently and diligently. Once you incorporate these tips into your study habits you are sure to notice a considerable change in your understanding of the subject which will in turn make you ace your IGCSE exams with flying colours.

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